Thursday Trader Talk – This Thing of Ours – Hatch

In this week’s Thursday Trader Talk we hear from Tim McTavish, founder of contemporary menswear brand, This Thing of Ours. Find them in unit 27 from 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday.

I’ve been at Hatch since: Saturday September 7th 2019.

At Hatch until: We intend to be a permanent fixture.

The name of my shop/space is: This Thing Of Ours

We sell: Contemporary Men’s Clothing & Lifestyle brands from around the world, hopefully bringing you something you can’t find easily elsewhere.

Before I joined Hatch I was: In senior sales and marketing roles in the food & drink industry, I’ve always had the itch to get back to my passions and start my own business.

I take inspiration from: Travel – US & Japan in particular, Music – Varied but definitely includes Hip Hop especially from the 90’s, the Outdoors and Sports.

My/our typical day: There is no typical day when setting up a new business and you have a 9 month old baby boy!

The best thing about my job is: The freedom to take decisions, to create something and to provide a solution to a need for my customers.

The worst thing about my job is: It’s quite stressful taking a huge risk to set up a new business and go against the high street.

Favourite item in store right now: I couldn’t pick one honestly but I really love the Japanese Brand “Comfy Outdoor Garment”, they make awesome outdoor inspired clothing perfect for the British weather. They’re based from a really cool store in Harajuku, Tokyo and they just create clothes that they love to wear. It’s super hard to find or buy in the UK but we’ve got a great selection for our opening.

You should visit my shop/space if you: Love great clothes and want to find something different than the high street.

My favourite thing about Hatch is: The creativity and drive of the independent retailers is truly amazing, in a world pretty much dominated by big corporate organisations in everything including food & drink, clothing and leisure then each of them really deserves a pat on the back and support for what they have achieved and helped to create down at Hatch.

In my spare time: We have a 9 month old baby boy who keeps us pretty busy but if I have some spare time then a pretty perfect day for me would be to spend some time with my wife and baby boy, you can find us in many of the amazing breakfast/coffee shops that Manchester has to offer. Maybe I’d squeeze in some shopping and a run and meet up with some friends/family in the afternoon for some food and a few beers (probably at Hatch)!

A bit about the name: Some people might link the name “This Thing Of Ours” to the world of the Mafia. It’s referenced in the Soprano’s as a way of talking about their shady business without really mentioning it. But obviously this isn’t where it came from for us! In conversations with friends we discussed the idea that when independent shops service a need in a community, and when it’s done right the shop becomes part of that community. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both need each other and so really the shop is then more “ours” than mine. That’s where the idea for the name came from, the idea that if done right the store becomes “This Thing Of Ours”, where the customers are just as important to the success as the owners.