Thursday Trader Talk – Sneaker Pharm – Hatch

In the first of our new ‘Thursday Trader Talk’ series we hear from Vinny Tao, the man behind Manchester’s first drop off shoe cleaning boutique, Sneaker Pharm*. Open from 11am to 9.00pm Mon to Sat

I’ve been at Hatch since: 17th June 2019

The name of my shop/space is: Sneaker Pharm*

I sell/make/create/clean/fix: I clean and restore trainers, shoes and handbags. I also day dream ideas and concepts for the future of my business.

Before I joined Hatch I was: A lawyer and restauranteur

I take inspiration from: Fashion, designers, musicians, art, interior design and music

My typical day: Wake up at 10am and schedule my day ahead, usually consists of arranging shoes and carrying on what was left off the day before. Answering messages and posting content on Instagram and connecting with the community.

The best thing about my job is: Meeting crazy cool like minded people, connecting with the community and seeing crazy shoes day in and day out.

The worst thing about my job is: There isn’t enough time in the day to see or clean more pairs.

Favourite item in store right now: A pair of Nike SW97 sent from one of my customers since before Sneaker pharm* was a real thing.

You should visit my shop/space if you: Need your shoes restored or want a chilled and cool place to hang out. You can talk music, fashion, art and of course sneakers.

My favourite thing about Hatch is: The sense of community and the endless possibilities and opportunities that are waiting to be turned into reality.

In my spare time I: Think of ways to improve what I’m doing/ dream on future interior design concepts/ plan what else I can do to extend the brand/ plan collaborations/ plan ideas/ sleep/ Instagram

Find me on: Instagram at @sneakerpharm or in unit 30 at Hatch