Thursday Trader Talk – Poppy K – Hatch

In the fourth installment of our ‘Thursday Trader Talk’ series we hear from Anna and James, the husband and wife team behind jewellery and gift shop, PoppyK. Find them in unit 28 from 11am to 5.00pm Mon to Sat.

At Hatch since: June 2019.

The name of our shop is: PoppyK.

We sell/make/create: a range of jewellery and scarves – many animal-themed and most can be personalised.

We got started: back in 2006 when Anna was a student. Anna had a career break, then James did and now we both work at PoppyK full time.

What started off as a bit of a hobby turned into a shop on Etsy…then NotOnTheHighStreet…Manchester Christmas Markets and now, Hatch!

We take inspiration from: We are both huge animal lovers (cats feature very heavily in our shop) and a lot of our range is inspired by animals and the natural world. Travel is also a great passion and we have an ever-growing travel themed range.

Our typical day: starts at 6am (thanks in no small part to Poppy the cat and her demands) – packing orders from Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet, answering e mails and the Post Office run…we then head to Hatch to open up…trade from 11 then back home to pack more orders and answer more emails.

Anna is a member at the Aquatics Centre and often pops off for a swim after lunch whilst James holds the fort at Hatch.

Before I did this I: James was a firefighter and Anna was a doctor.

James and Anna, founders of PoppyK

The best thing about our job is: The freedom to plan our lives/day/week.

Anna was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease lupus a few years ago. The condition eventually made it impossible to continue in her chosen career and being self-employed has allowed her to manage her illness and still stay in work.

The worst thing about my job is: Doing the quarterly VAT return!

Favourite item in our store right now: Anna – my sterling silver cut out ‘Anna’ necklace. It’s our newest design and I love it. James – the sterling silver bee ring (pictured).

You should visit us to discover/buy/experience: a huge range of jewellery and scarves perfect for gifting – particularly as we can personalise it especially for you while you wait.

My/our favourite thing about Hatch is: the people and sense of community…..and the salt and pepper chips (Anna) and Katsu Curry (James) at FUKU.

In my spare time I/we: Anna – swims, travels and drinks wine; James – football, Stockport County, travel and drinking real ale!

My top tip to other independent traders would be: Stay focused on what you are doing. Stay unique and true to your own brand and don’t worry what others are doing.