Thursday Trader Talk – Mindful Store – Hatch

Looking to find fair-trade, ethical, sustainable products but not sure where to start? Vlad and his team have you covered! Read on to hear more from Vlad (CEO of Mindful Store) about the story behind their shop.

Find them in unit 18 at Hatch from 11am-7pm Monday-Friday and from 11am-8pm Saturday (closed on Sundays).

At Hatch since: June 17th 2019

The name of my space/shop is: Mindful Store

I/we sell/make/create: We sell eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable products that make our planet a better place to live! Ranging from food and drinks to health & beauty products and accessories.

A quote on Mindful Store’s container

I/we got started: We started thinking about opening our own sustainable store once we understood that it is really hard to shop sustainably. There are a lot of people like us, who want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, but don’t have the time to go around lots of different shops to find eco-friendly products. That’s why we’ve opened what we call a one-stop sustainability shop, where every person will eventually be able to find everything that they need.

I take inspiration: From people who have already adopted a zero-waste lifestyle. It’s incredibly hard to do this and requires so much consciousness when it comes to shopping.

My/our typical day: Wake up, have a nice breakfast, reply to emails, go to the store, talk to clients (best part of the day!), unpack new products, get back home, sleep. Repeat.

Before I did this I: Worked in a logistics IT startup in Hamburg, Germany.

The best thing about my job is: Hearing all of those wonderful stories about people starting to live sustainably. They inspire me so much!

The worst thing about my job is: When people ask for something that we are not selling yet 🙂

Favourite item in our store right now: The stojo cups (a collapsible cup pictured below). A must-have for coffee lovers.

You should visit us: To discover sustainable brands that you have never seen before.

My/our favourite thing about Hatch: The spirit of the place. People don’t just go shopping there, they come to spend meaningful time with their friends and families.

In my spare time: I love to read books, play football and spend time with friends.

My top tip to other independent traders would be: Let customers know the story behind your business so that they can feel the love and effort you put into your business.

The team behind Mindful Store (Vlad, pictured in the centre).